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What you can expect

If you are a doctoral student (DNP, PhD) in nursing who is interested in engaging one of our consultants to assist with your dissertation or scholarly project, here is what you can expect after you contact us.

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    1) Initial Consultation:

    When we receive your inquiry, we set up an initial, 30-minute, discussion of your project. Prior to that call, we will request from you a 100-word summary (or abstract) of your project, as well as any other relevant materials (e.g. instruments, IRB application, etc.). The goal of the first meeting is to determine how we may help you.

    There is a $50 fee for the consultation, which covers our consultant’s time spent reviewing your materials and speaking with you.

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    2) Go Forward or Not:

    We then give you some time to think about whether we are a good fit for you. If you decide to retain our services, we prepare an estimate of the cost of assisting you. Our estimates precisely describe what services we provide (e.g. data management and statistical services) and what we do not (e.g. APA formatting of your documents).

    We invoice you for 50% of the cost of the project at this point.

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    3) Get Started:

    When you accept the estimate, we get started. In some cases, we will be working with you to develop the proposal. In that event, we will meet virtually to discuss your study’s design, creating measures from your instruments, the particular methods we will be applying, etc. In other cases, we will simply be supporting your analysis. You will thus send us your data (in Excel), a codebook describing your variables, your questionnaire, and other supporting documentation, so that we may begin your analysis.

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    4) Final Product:

    You can expect the following at the conclusion of our engagement: A brief description of the methods that we applied to your data; professionally (yet simply) tabled results of the analyses; and a description of the results. We present the description of the results in “bullet form.” You will be responsible for crafting a narrative that incorporates this sketch of your results.

    We will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the cost of the contract at this time.

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    5) Knowledge Transfer:

    We build into our estimate of costs one hour for “knowledge transfer.” This is where we spend time relating, or translating, the results of your analyses. The goal of this process is to build your confidence for the defense of your dissertation or scholarly project.

What should you know to have success with us
  • First, we don’t generally work on tight deadlines, and we do not work late evenings or weekends.  You must therefore respect that we are not always available to you.  Knowing this about us will help you avoid frustration.


  • Second, we are statisticians, not magicians.  If your project has a flawed design or an unusually small sample, there is nothing we can do to remedy it.  We work with what you give us.  We cannot pull a proverbial “rabbit out of a hat,” although some of our clients may disagree.


  • Third, we need your cooperation.  Our most successful clients are engaged in the process of analyzing the data, normally through regular phone conferences.
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